BitRaam Setup Software

 New version 4.0

Click to download for Windows or Macintosh

Optional source code for programmers and Linux users 

NOTE: It is safest to wait until the majority uses the new 4.0 before making transactions.
Back up your Wallet.Dat from version 3.0 just in case.

Macintosh version  (dmg)

. 1. Make a folder called C:\Program Files\BitRaam
2. Download the EXE from the above link into it.
3. Execute the Bitraam-QT.exe and enjoy.

How to Mine Your Own BitRaam
1. Select the Console tab
2. Type "setgenerate true -1"  to start mining
3. "setgenerate false -1" to stop it from processing

Why the Raam?
Background info and proposal to Raja Raam

password: mantra

Source code posted for audit at

Paving the way for the Raam as a digital currency